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How To Use AdSense Channels ?

Step by Step Guide:1. Login your Google Adsense account.2. Go to setup tab.3. Select a Product. (Adsense For Contents, Adsense For Search or Adsense For Referals).4. Choose the Format/appearance of the Ads.5. Click "Add Chan nels ".6. A pop-up window will appear. There you an fill in the "Name" of the Channels. *Any name will do, use a name which can help you to Recognise the Ads you are tracking.EG:If you are having a site talking about Adsense and you are going to create Channels to track the Ads, then you can simply use name for the Channels like "My Adsense Site Ads"(Only an example, you can use any name you like.).**The main purpose of Naming the Channels are to help or make it easier for you to identify which Ads you are tracking.7. Continue to generate the Ads Code. The Code of Channel will be added to the Ads Code generated. It will help you track the performance of the Ads.8. Just Copy the Code and Paste to your site HTML and DONE. The Channel will help you track and the deta...

What are AdSense Channels?

Channels are a special tool provided by Googe Adsense . It is integrated in every account and it is free to use. Google Adsense only gives 25 channels in every account.Channels are very easy to use. It is used to track page impressions of Ads, number of times of Clicks, eCPM, CPM and the revenue earned from that certain Ads.By using Channels, one can track the performance of each Ads and oe can have a better idea on which type of Ads are interested by their visitors/users.How To Use Channels? m/2007/09/how-to-use-adsense-channels.htm l
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Why do I need Personal Identification Number(PIN)?

A Personal Identification Number (PIN) is mailed to each AdSense publisher when earnings have reached $50 on their account. This PIN helps Google AdSense to verify publisher addresses and protect the personal information of our publishers.If a PIN has been mailed to you, Google AdSense will hold all payments until the PIN has been entered. However, your account will still be accessible, and you'll continue to be able to show ads and accrue earnings.The PIN will be mailed to the payment address in your account.REMEMBER: Google AdSense only give 180 days to enter your PIN within your publisher account, or to request a replacement. If you do not enter your PIN within this period, your account will be disabled and your earnings refunded to the appropriate advertisers.

Make Money by Answering Questions Online

In this modern age, the Internet isn’t just a great source of information but also an effectual answering machine. People often contain some questions that they hope to get answers right away. The Internet is helping them well on this. Examples of questions like which year Obama was born, what is the capital of Canada, who made-up car and many more. A lot of people really inquire these types of questions on the Internet every day. They just enter their questions into Google or other search engine and the search engine will go back immediate answers for most of their questions.

In fact there are websites fashioned just for this purpose which is to answer the questions of Internet users. Sites like Weegy and Cha Cha have been just about for quite a long time assisting the Internet users to get answers to their questions. There could be thousands or even ten thousands of questions inquired daily and these sites were managed to answer most of them quickly because they have a lot of people serving the Internet users. These people who respond questions are like you and me. They are common people. They turn on their computer daily and wait for the questions to get nearer and answer them. Weegy and Cha Cha will give them for doing this online job. And the good news is you can be part of them as well.
You don’t have to be professional on any field to do this type of job. You can respond questions with the help of Google or other search engines. Anytime when a question is allotted to you, you can employ the search engine to find the answer instantly. The key to making money with this job is answering the most questions possible. The more questions you respond, the more you’ll be paid. That’s why it is important to respond questions accurately in face pace.
How to start with Weegy and Cha Cha

You can begin by visiting and filling out a sign up form. Once you have accomplished the registration process, you can begin answering questions and get paid. Weegy gives $0.20 per answer or conversation. You get more if you are uphold to Weegy Pro or Weegy Research Expert. Payment will be sent to you via PayPal when your collecteded earning is $20 or higher.
It appears that Weegy is opened to anyone worldwide since the site hasn’t declared that this opportunity is limited to US only.
Here’s the link to join Weegy:

Cha Cha:

I knew about Cha Cha three year ago. At that time, Cha Cha is paying money well. But because more and more people connected Cha Cha and took the job, the payment has dropped from time to time. Cha Cha is now giving $0.02 to $0.20 per answer. They also have continuing contests to help the members earn more.
Cha Cha only hires within USA. You require to be at least 18 year old to apply for the job. Before you get acknowledged, you need to go through some videos and pass a test. The test is actually a series of sample questions of users that you must respond them. The principle is to find out your accuracy and speed of answering questions. If you get ahead of, they will notify you through email.
Here’s the link to join Cha Cha:

Prevent Click Fraud

AdSense, my favourite advertising program. I use AdSense on almost all my blogs. It is a great program to join. It?s pretty amazing that certain people can earn 4 figure income in a day through Google Adsense.The bad news is that there are Adsense Publishers out there are attacked by Click Fraud .What is Click Fraud? Why is it a bad news for AdSense Publishers?Click Fraud is clicks that are purposely created to generate a lot of invalid clicks in your AdSense Account and make your AdSense Account banned by Google. There are bad people out there who are trying to destroy AdSense Publishers Account by clicking the AdSense Ads a lot of times (maybe 100 clicks per person or maybe more).So, your AdSense Account get a lot of Invalid Clicks and Google might ban your AdSense Account.How Do you want to track These Bad People?You cannot have a clear idea what is the favourite Ads they like to click and make the most money for you. In your AdSense Account, you can only make use of the Channels ...

How do I add more sites to my account?

There is no need to open another account or notify us when you place the AdSense code on a new site. The ad code and search code generated through the guided steps on the AdSense Setup tab of your account are valid for any page in any site on which you want to display Google ads or an AdSense for search box. Simply add the code to your page source, and we will automatically detect the new site.To place the code on a new site, please follow the steps below:To display Google ads: 1. Log in to your account at 2. Click the AdSense Setup tab and choose AdSense for content as the product. 3. Follow the guided steps to choose your ad type, format, colour and any additional options 4. Copy the ad code from the Your AdSense Code box 5. Paste the code into the appropriate page on your siteTo display an AdSense for search box: 1. Log in to your account at 2. Click the AdSense Setup tab and choose AdSense for search as ...

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What forms of payment are available to me?

Google AdSense offers payment to publishers in US dollar cheques as well as local currency options in many locations. Secured Express Delivery is available to all publishers and Electronic Funds Transfer is offered to publishers in a select number of countries and territories.Electronic Funds Transfer: With Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), your payment is deposited directly into your bank account in your local currency. To find out more about this free payment type, please read What is Electronic Funds Transfer?Local currency cheques: Google will convert your earnings from US dollars into your local currency if this option is selected. Available to publishers in more than 40 countries, local currency cheques are generally less expensive to deposit at your bank and take less time to clear. For instructions on selecting local currency cheques as your form of payment, read How do I sign up for local currency cheques?Secured Express Delivery: Secured Express Delivery ensures that your c...
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How do I sign up for payment by cheque?

Google offer payment by cheque to all AdSense publishers !All publishers may also choose to have their cheque sent by secure delivery for faster delivery.All publishers may also choose to have their cheque sent by secure delivery for faster delivery. 1. Sign in to your account at 2. Click My Account 3. Click the edit link adjacent to the Payment Details header 4. Select the Cheque Standard Delivery radio button 5. Click Continue 6. Select your desired currency from the drop-down list. You may choose to receive payment in United States dollars, or in your local currency if available. 7. Click Save Settings to save your payment type, or click Cancel to exit this screen without saving.

Ads Design

The most important thing to design an Ads is to make sure that your Ads will blendinto your blog/site template.Try not to make your Ads look like Ads. (Get it?)People are bored and sick of Ads. When they came across Ads, they will surely keeptheir cursor away and will never CLICK on it.So, the advice is to make your Ads don't look like Ads. If you succeed to do this, youare going to see your CTR sky rocket.The opposite way is to make your Ads as APPEALLING as possible. How? You choose the colors of your Ads totally different with your template. Make it a HIGHLIGHT ofyour blog. You can attract people to it. May be people will have the urge to CLICK it!
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AdSense and PayPal

A lot of AdSense Publishers are asking for AdSense payments using PayPal but it is currently not possible to do so. Currently, AdSense do not allow payments through PayPal. Hopefully in years to come, AdSense will add PayPal feature to AdSense Account and enable AdSense Pulishers to sent money to their PayPal Account.Personal Opinions About AdSense Payment Through PayPal: * I prefer payment in checks. Since I don't have a PayPal account and I don't have access to cash out money in PayPal, so I don't prefer using PayPal to get AdSense Payments. * Security Threats. There are a lot of phishing websites of PayPal on the internet. If accidentally go to these sites, all the payments will be gone. * I like to get the check because I want to show it to my family and friends. * I like to hold the check.If you like want to get your AdSense Payments using PayPal, you can suggest this new feature to Google AdSense Team at:Suggest A New Feature
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