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How to Increase Page CTR ?

Here are some tips from which your revenue can be better.

1. Improving the Web site's traffic

By driving more visitors to your site you will probably increase the number of ad clicks.

Attracting more visitors can be achieved by optimizing your website for the search engines,putting high quality content on your site. Your site should have at least an OK design.

Better traffic statistics does not mean you have got a higher CTR. The CTR could still be the same or even lower than before though.

2. How to get a higher CTR

There are many options you can choose to get a higher click ratio.

For instance, you have the possibility to change the ads themselves.

2.1 Ad Colors

In general you have two kinds of ad colors to choose from:

* ads that stand out, and
* ads that blend in.

You can match the ad's text color with the color of your Web site's
content's text color.

2.2 Ad Placement

Another factor incfluencing the CTR is the placement of your ad. AdSense ads should not be hidden from your visitors, but they should be visible at first sight and should be placed at prominant position.

Text ads seem to attract most clicks at the top or in the center of a website's content area - especially on websites with much text content.

3. CPC

The fourth way to improve your total advertising income is to get a higher cost per click on ads displayed on your site.

5. Google Search Box

You can also put a Google Search into your website. Google Search is a useful service for your users.