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Affiliate Programs you can sign up for and earn money with

It is one of the big reasons why you have a website (to make money) of course you are also passionate about your site or blog and you reallly enjoy the work you do with it and the time you spend in it but when it comes down to brass tacks its got to earn its keep by putting the dollars in your purse of wallet. Simple as that. It's taking up your time and you deserve to be rewarded for that time - and in my opinion you deserve to be rewarded very well.
So here are some programs that I recommend that will monetize your site. All of them cost nothing yet pay out. And, every single one of them is a program that I am currently using. There is no speculation here. And I gotta tell you when it comes to associate programs there is a whole lot of speculation going on. And I have been in so many programs that I can't count them - Seriously. I have dropped out of quite a few programs for various reasons. These programs all earn and are all top notch. They will keep track of your clicks, your impressions and your earnings. And they will pay you. I stake my reputation on these.
I have an explanation of each program and what the company that sponsors it is about.

A Quick Note from Will: If you just started your website or blog I recommend you wait at least a month before signing up for these programs. And in that month you should be adding quality content as often as possible. When you sign up for a program they are going to take a look at your website to make sure it is real and to make sure it is earnest! It doesn't have to be beautiful, it just has to be of some value. So you need a month to get good stuff on your site. (or at least a couple of weeks if you are working hard on it!)
Google Adsense - This has the potential to be your fastest and biggest way to monetize your site or your blog. This program changed the world of online advertising with all those little ads you see everywhere. It is ubiquitous and rightly so. There are several different ways for you to use this program ranging from text ads to video ads and even product recommendations. The beauty of this program is that it reads your web pages, understands what it is about and then places ads that match the content. This way only ads that your web visitors will be interested in are displayed. Its very targeted marketing and very effective. Google Adsense Programs
Amazon Associates - This is the program that started it all. I signed up for this program a long time ago and I have never looked back. Everything on the amazon site is available for you to take a percentage of the sale of. Gotta get this one if there are relevant products for your subject. They have a wide arrange of tools available to you including text links, mini stores, favorites and well a whole lot more. Standard part of my daily routine is hunting for products my web vistors would like. Associate program
Netfirms Web Hosting - Solid and reliable company that I have been hosting with for a long time. They have a lot of great packages for webhosting including great entry level packages that start around five bucks a month. Seriously? Five bucks a month to get a website with generous benefits, bandwidth and more? Gotta get this one. Thier affiliate program pays you a percentage for each new member that signs up with them. Netfirms Hosting. - Posters are very big and they sell very well over the internet because customers can get a good look at the product before they buy. This company was one of the first to sell posters via the web and they know how to do it. They also have a very generous affiliate program which pays out a very high percentage. So if posters make sense in your subject you should sign up for this program. Sign up with AllPosters - This is the sister to the allposters program. They are both run by the same company. But is a little more upscale and they focus more on fine art prints. Still have an enormous selection. Same great payout as allposters and same reputation.
Linkshare - Linskhare is an umbrella type company that manages the affiliate programs for a lot of companies who don't have their own program. Linkshare gives you the tools, code, resources and tracking tools and offers you hundreds of companies to sign up for. They also issue the checks :). It's a great program that has been around a long time. If you have a niche subject and are looking for some specific type companies linkshare will probably have it. The have companies like Apple iTunes, Franklin Mint, Allzines (magazines),, Netflix,, and literally hundreds of other high quality and established companies that you have heard of. Click on the banner to sign up.
ebay affiliate Program - ebay used to run all their affiliate stuff through a company called commission junction but they recently switched t their own in house affiliate program. ebay is another trusted company that you should consider signing up for. I really don't have to explain ebay to you. You know that just about anything in the world that can be sold is sold on ebay and you can take a percentage. ebay Partner Network
AWeber - This is an autoresponder, email and newsletter management company. If you are really serious about making your website successful you have to start some kind of a relationship with your web visitors. That relationship can come in the form of a newsletter, an ezine or a series of email correspondences with them. It is in this frequent contact with them that you build trust and build a relationship.

AWeber is perfect for this. You can set up a very easy form for web visitors to sign up for your newsletter or emails. You can then set up a series of emails to go out to your subscribers over time. You can also instantly send bulletins and emails to everyone on your list. There are lots more options and abilities. So if you want to build a list (Which is the best way to really achieve big time success with a website then you should get an autoresponder. AWeber is perfect for this. Their affiliate program affords you the ability to make money when other people sign up with them.
Chitika - They offer a large suite of programs to help you earn money with a website or blog. These include mini-malls, shopping links and shopping clouds. Interesting program and I have looked into it but am not currently active with it. Check out Chitika here

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